CONNECTWORKS4U is a "Workforce Development Training Program that assist low and moderate income families and individuals who are seeking employment opportunities and need "Access to pathways toward prosperity or financial stability.  COVID-19 displaced many individuals in the workforce and limited their opportunities for employment because of barriers beyond their control.  This program will prepare individuals to work in a fast paced manufacturing, production environment that will incentivize  the employee to make an above average wage with insurance and retirement benefits by understanding the concept of teamwork and making production.  Our goal is to prepare our program participants to exceed market expectation from our manufacturing partners and demonstrate leadership qualities that local manufacturers will value when recruiting dependable employees with long-term goals and aspirations.  The training center is conveniently located in the East Knoxville Burlington Community where "Access" transportation is avaliable.

Sam Brown


        Program Director ,

Oversees Daily Activities and Hires New Recruits.


"We Are Leading People to Christ, Connecting People to People, People to Resources, Doing God's Work His Way."