About C.O.N.N.E.C.T


C.O.N.N.E.C.T Ministries is a Christ centered"hands-on" community information networking resource center. We began our ministry in 2006 as a part of community outreach of Greater Warner Tabernacle A.M.E. Zion Church in our efforts to reach our community for the Kingdom of God. We became an independent 501 (c) (3) in 2008.This non-profit organization provides in-house services, network referrals, dissemination of information, "gap" programming, community organization, resumes, job readiness, employment searches,  housing services and referrals for individuals who need help finding help. We advocate for the underserved,undereducated, underemployed and underrepresented who include the disadvantaged youth, the homeless, ex-offenders, and veterans.  


Our approach is holistic, mind, body and spirit.  We encourage cooperation, accountability and purpose in the community between our citizens, public servants,service providers, employers, non-profits and religious organizations. We mentor, refer, counsel,advocate and pray for our community as we "Build Relational Equity." We exists  to enhance the quality of life of the people we serve.

Our In-House Services

  • Employment Services

  • Mentoring/life Coaching

  • Housing Services

  • Case Management

  • Rental Assistance

  • Utilities Assistance

  • Letters of Support

  • Advocacy

  • Public Notary

  • Program Referrals

  • Spiritual Counseling and Prayer

Community Incubation


We assist start-up business and non-profit organizations by providing technical support, consultation and rental space(when available).  We serve as community organizers for special projects that have a direct impact on our community upon request.  

Our Community


Is comprised of  people who are from different ethnicity,socio- economic and educational backgrounds.  We are community advocates for the single mother, the displaced youth, the ex-offender,Veterans, the homeless, those suffering from mental illnesses and those who simply need help making their next steps decisions.  We have establish referral networks in the City of Knoxville and across the State for those seeking services that we do not provide through our Cities of Refuge Network.  

        Our Mission             "To Glorify God by Serving the People"